Hope Springs Ranch raises the captivating delightful Soay sheep. Beware, these darlings can cause love at first sight!!!

We are a small farm located in Gold Hill, Oregon. American Soay sheep are unusual, small, easy to handle, great conservation grazers. They love poison oak, blackberry, and many other weeds over grass or hay.  Great mothers, lambs are born with short tails. Soay are self shedding, providing wool for spinning. They are hardy, but need rain and wind protection. Their care is basic and easy, making them ideal for new or older farmers. They are shy but curious. Quietly spending time with them will gain their trust, especially if a treat may be had! We have horned and polled (hornless) Soay on our chemical free pastures. We are registered in the Open Flock Book.


Inquiries invited.  Contact Debbie Millard at: hopespringsranch@live.com or

 541-855-1053, as I am outside a lot, please leave message.

 Lambs hanging out!

Life is good! 

Honeypie, always on watch. 

Hopesprings Yarrow 

A simple, small shelter is all that is needed.

Greener Pastures2 Harriet Quimby 

Visit www.soayfarms.com, a great site for complete Soay care and history. 

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